Helping your feet feel great


Our highly qualified staff offer a wide range of services for a variety of foot conditions. 

Whether you experience a pain or ache while walking or resting, we are able to offer a number of patient specific treatments.

Our knowledgeable staff not only treat foot conditions from our clinic, but we also provide expert foot care advice to prevent recurring problems.

We stock a range of carefully selected foot care products that can benefit pain reduction and promote the recovery of a range of foot conditions.

We can treat a number of conditions including


In growing nails
Toe nail cutting
Athletes foot
Fungal nails

Our products and treatments include


Corns / callous removal
Removal of a whole nail or part of a nail
Hard skin removal
Long handled shoe horns
Paddings and protection
Foot health check
Biomechanical assessments

Our Team / Specialities

  • Gavin Graham BSc (Hons)
    Home visits and Chiropody/Podiatry
  • Madeline Kelly BSc (Hons)
    Clinic appointments Chiropody/Podiatry
  • Alison Turner D.Pod.M
    Clinic Appointments Chiropody/Podiatry
  • Carolyn Holmes BSc (Hons)
    Clinic Appointments Chiropody/Podiatry
  • Gordon Burns D.Pod. M
    Clinic Appointments Chiropody/Podiatry
  • David Cross BSc (Hons)
    Home visits and clinic (Saturday mornings)
  • Christopher Hadaway D.Pod. M
    Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Chiropody/Podiatry / Nail surgery

Additional Treatments

If you have a painful ingrowing toe nail, we can offer either conservative treatment, or for nail surgery, please ask for Mr Chris Hadaway.

If you have Diabetes, we can carry out a foot health check (with or without treatment) and will advise you on how to care for your feet at home.

If you find walking painful, you might benefit from a biomechanical assessment (we look at how your foot/lower limbs function and identify any imbalance). You may be prescribed  insoles for the shoes,  given footwear advice or recommended some exercises. Please ask for Mr Chris Hadaway.

Most routine chiropody appointments are 1/2 hour. We would ask new patients to bring a list of medications/allergies /medical conditions if relevant.

Contact us to make an appointment

To discuss your requirements, or arrange an appointment with our helpful staff, call us on
01903 248604
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